Pharr Chapel suspends worship and activities through April 12th

Dear Pharr Chapel,

Well, here we are in a place we never expected. The church building is shuttered for the next two weeks at least. All worship and face-to-face activities are cancelled until public life resumes.

We are still the church and very much alive and have ministry to do. Work has begun on on-line worship and other ways we can stay connected. We’ll be organizing in the next few days to touch base with everyone and help with errands and concerns.

Please use the church phone number 985-384-7984 to leave a message if you have a need or concern. We will also maintain a running flow of information and inspiration on our facebook page.

It is still Lent and if you are carrying the cross, there are four things you should still do.

Carry the cross

Ask “what Jesus would do?”

Do an act of kindness – the opportunities abound

Worship – this changes but, we’re not off the hook.

What will it mean for you to keep your promise to worship? Light a candle, read scripture, sing a hymn, pray. Tune into on-line worship. Sit with your family. Take a walk (without headphones). The creative opportunities before us could make this a very meaningful time.

Don’t forget on-line giving. As you are able, I hope that you will continue to faithfully support Pharr Chapel financially. We’ll be checking the mail on a regular basis so you can mail your offering to 517 Federal Avenue but even easier is our link to on-line giving. We’ve used Give+ (Giveplus) for over a year now. It is secure and simple. Install the Give+ App on your phone or tablet, look for the link to Pharr Chapel UMC. You can set up a one-time gift or a recurring gift. If you need assistance, please reach out to us. You can also access via the website at

Things will continue to evolve in the situation, in the meantime this continues to be the big plan for Pharr Chapel and us all:


  1. Take precautions, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and practice social distancing, keep your distance.
  2. Share good information – each individual should make decisions about their own susceptibility/vulnerability and where and how they should participate in public life.
  3. Respect others decisions and distances.


  1. Stay connected to the PC family, making sure we have your current email and phone number.
  2. Please contact someone if you have a need or become ill. I’ll be checking the voicemail at the church office. You can also message me on Facebook. Find us on Facebook @pharrchapelumc.
  3. There will be ways that we as a church can care for our community. As these actions emerge, we’ll share so that you can support and serve safely.


  1. We will use all of our resources in new ways to encourage, bless and tend to our spiritual lives. Stay tuned for new ways to ‘do church’.
  2. Worship: We are working on a video feed to continue the practice of worship, to connect to God and to each other. It’s our chance to be creative.

It is a time of prayer and courage.

God is with us!
Rev. Ann